On the studio floor

A sampling of unusual projects now being created in our custom services department

Curved glass cabinet

Curved Glass Cabinet   

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The side curves are 4in radii, the center bow-front section has 97.5in radius, and California Glass Bending is matching our wooden form work with curved glass doors for the upper sections. This is one of the most lighting-heavy small pieces we've done in a while--over 400 watts of halogen lo-volt lighting in three zones (about the same illumination potential as 3000 watts of standard bulbs!). Rest assured, we're installing a dimmer.

Polycarbonate desk top

Polycarbonate mesh and curly maple

Our client's company is a major supplier of racing parts to Toyota Motorsports, among others. He came to us with the idea of incorporating automotive polycarbonate mesh, figured maple, and parts from an old service station into a desk. What's life without a challenge?

And one other thing, he mentioned. We have eight days to build it. He needs it for the Long Beach Grand Prix, where he stands to gain--or lose--half a year's business.

Just another reason to be glad that Dennis' degree is in production control!

Coffee Table???

Hi-gloss Lacquer coffee table

Yes, its a coffee table.

Hey, what's life without a little change of pace? Not everything has to be 'the world's most beautiful hand-selected hardwoods'. How about automotive lacquer, in four colors, polished to mirror brilliance. The glass top that floats over the multi-colored cubbies is removed for the picture. Finally, a place to put the remote control!

Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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