On the studio floor

A sampling of unusual projects now being created in our custom services department

Mirrored Cone


This is going to be a table base for the end of a kitchen peninsula. A little of the protective backer is peeled away at the top of the cone, showing the polished metal surface. The cone itself is a custom curved plywood layup, 3/8 thick, with a solid 1/16 polished aluminum overlay.

Patterned Veneer Layup

This is a close-up of a pattern veneer layup that just came out of our veener room. It's part of a restaurant project we're building for a California-based design firm. Like all of our veneer work, the tolerances are truly spectacular, due in no small part to our lead veneer taper, Ricardo Esparza (instrument buffs may know his name from his other claim to fame-- the classical guitars that bear his signature). Take a closer look at the tapeup -- the seam tolerances far surpass the resolution of my Polaroid!

The 'Tulip'

Click Here to See the Finished Installation

Tulip Column

I don't know why this half-column has acquired the name "the tulip column" around here--when it clearly should be the calla column! Oh well, horticultural accuracy aside, this is part of a custom GRAVITY system bar (currently denuded of its doors). When complete, it will wear a freeform granite top, a mirror-and-glass upper with floating glass shelves, and some very sleek halogen lighting by Bruck. A bar as beautiful as this should be enough to drive anyone to drink!

Well, I'm off to enjoy a martini. Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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