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September 2002

Getting ready for fall

Well, its finally come around again. The dreaded fall. As if being too busy the rest of the year isn't bad enough, every September rolls around things really go crazy. So, a short installment this month, as I've got to get back to work.

New Door Style

New Door Style

Click to see the finished project

I designed this prototype door for a small wall unit
Cherry veneer, bead molding, and a glazed finish.

'Torn' veneer

Ripped veneer

I've wanted to post this picture for a few months. A technique we developed some time ago, and had the opportunity to use once again on these stool columns. Like layers of veneer peeled away one by one. I wish it was that easy to create!

Exclusive 'Curtain' Shelf Front

Fluted Shelf Fronts

This is our exclusive 'curtain' front shelf, this time executed in cherry.

Click to see the finished project

Tongue and Groove 'Wave' wall paneling

Making Carved Teak Panels

I've wanted to try wall paneling in our exclusive 'wave' design for some time, and finally have the opportunity. The raw carved blanks of FEQ teak are on the right, and after the first (of six) sanding phases on the left.

Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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