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August 2002

Living in the summer of Nouveau

They say everything eventually comes back into style, so why not Art Nouveau? It seems like everything challenging to come our way in the last few months has been in the Stile Liberty (click on the previous postings to see what I mean). Anyway, you'll hear no objections from this quarter! What could be more satisfying than the whiplash curve that a century ago cracked through the stuffy excess of three hundred years of clutter in furniture design's attic.

So pour yourself a glass of absinthe, sit down in your favorite Van de Velde chair in the shadow of your best Beardsley print, and enjoy...

Building an Art Nouveau shelf

Fluted, scalloped skirt board

Click to see the finished project

The skirt board consists of a scallop-on-scallop design.

Constructing the supports

Carving Art Nouveau Details
Assembling Carved Base

Putting it all together

Completed shelf

Carving Art Nouveau Shelf

Nouveau entertainment center

Art Nouveau cornice
  There's that whiplash curve! We just started this project, a television cabinet/wall unit. This honduras mahogany blank will soon become a header over a back panel.  

The beginnings of a custom sofa

Sofa blanks

Quoncet huts for ants

Veneering Round Ends Actually, three vertical dividers for an anigre and black lacquer shelving unit. These are what happens when your dorm room cinder blocks grow up.

A little normalcy

Blue Kitchen Assembly Believe it or not, not everything from CABINETURE comes out of the custom services department. Although our custom work usually graces the 'On The Studio Floor' pages, the work of our regular production crew is always appreciated!

The brilliant blue laminate is by Abet Laminati and will feature satin nickle handles and accents of stainless steel, anigre, and pale green laminated glass.
See the clipboard rendering

Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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