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A sampling of unusual projects now being created in our custom services department

June 2002

"So what do you mostly do?"

How many times have I been asked that question? And every month the answer is different.

So for June, we're showing off coffee tables and doors.

Zebrawood and Wenge Coffee Tables

Zebrawood and Wenge coffee tables with Ultraglas inserts

Click to see the finished project

The sculptural glass inserts are by Ultraglas.

Deco Door Almost Finished

Art Deco Door In Process

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Well, here they are. The Deco doors, just about ready for finishing. (Actually, they're already installed as I write this -- and just wait until I post the photos! Beyond stunning.) Darsey Kuster of A Touch of Stained Glass truly wonderfully executed the transition from what were originally all-veneer elevator doors into the glass and walnut jewels shown above. However, before you place your order for your own set, I understand the all-brass came evidently caused some serious damage to poor Darsey's hands--she may not be in the best mood if she hears what you have in mind. Oh, and our client made us swear never to duplicate these doors for anyone, anywhere.

Art Nouveau Closet doors

Art Nouveau mirrored doors

Click to see the finished project

The project: sixteen Art Nouveau inspired closet doors in Black Walnut, with mirrored inserts. And every one of the eight pairs hang side by side without astragal to hide any imperfections.

So how did we accomplish it? Easy. No imperfections.

The finish is platinum shellac, hand polished and waxed to show off every bit of the beauty of American Black Walnut.

Maple and Wenge Coffee Table

coffee table wenge

Click to see the finished project

Darn it if Wenge isn't too dark to take a picture of with our crummy digital camera. The WAVE design highlights the legs, and a magnificent (you'll have to take my word for it) veneer diamond top give this custom designed coffee table just the touch of the exotic that our client was looking for.

Oh, and the solid maple sides give it the strength that her teenage boys need to make jump shots off the table when Mom's not at home.

Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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