On the studio floor

A sampling of unusual projects now being created in our custom services department

San Mateo Door

Carved White Oak Prototype Door

Everything about this door prototype is big -- from the one inch thick frame, to the powerful 1-1/4" wide stile detail that morphs into the chunky San Matteo motif, to the truly outrageous panel raise crowned by a "raised" bead that is actually hand carved into the surface of the panel. All that detailing and there are only five pieces of wood in the entire door!

San Matteo features handwork on every part. The beading is all hand-scratched and undercut--a real labor of love in the rock hard quartersawn white oak shown. The true mortise and tenon joinery features hand-pinned tenons (not yet hammered in as of this photo). And the joinery where the motif meets the stile--stunning.

After finishing, I'll post front and back pictures to really show off the incredibly intricate joinery that makes San Matteo possible.

Deco Door Prototype

Art Deco Door Prototypes

Click to see the finished project

About a month ago I posted photos of some work we were doing on a set of Art Deco doors. Before I threw away our mdf prototypes for the doors, I snapped this picture. Does this clarify things, Frank from Fairfield? The stained glass work for the real doors is currently being fabricated, and I should be able to post finished photos of the walnut doors united with their glass by mid month.

Renderings into Reality

Its always fun to see renderings turning into finished product. Here's a couple you may have seen on the clipboard recently.

Stereo Cabinet Rendering

Click to see the finished project

Plasma Component Cabinet Mahogany Maple
Rendering of High Gloss Black Entertainment Center

Click to see the finished project

Entertainment Center

High Gloss lacquer entertainment center

Come on back, they'll be more next month, or sooner if the mood strikes me!

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