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CABINETURE Custom Services

Projects of our custom services department are available nationally only through design professionals. For information on custom fabrications, please contact us.

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Doors Special Cabinets Fireplace Surrounds Other
Art Deco Passage Doors Thumbnail
Art Deco Passage Doors
with stained glass panels
Garage cabinets thumbnail
Garage Cabinets
Maple Curved Fireplace Surround
Maple curved fireplace surround
Art Nouveau Mirror with Shelf
Art Nouveau Mirror with Shelf
Art Nouveau Closet Doors Mirror Walnut
Art Nouveau Closet Doors
Art Glass Hll Cabinet Cantilever
Art Glass Hall Cabinet
  Art Deco Room Divider
Art Deco Room Divider
Mahogany Entry Doors with Porthole Glass
Mahogany Entry Doors
with porthole glass
Mahogany Entry CabinetMahogany Entry Cabinet   Easter Cross
Easter Cross
Walnut, Holly and Ebony Closet Doors
Art Deco Walnut/Holly/Ebony
Closet Doors
Painted Bookcase with Speaker Enclosures Carving Carved
Painted Bookcase
More Images Coming Soon...