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Large photo of Garage Cabinets

A collection of very special cars required a garage to match...

This was our client's extra eight car garage, and he felt he needed a special set of cabinets to match. They are special -- and not just the faces.
Inside, what looks like a standard white melamine cabinet is actually high-pressure laminate over marine grade substrate, with hidden stiffener bars in each shelf and extra-heavy duty hardware everywhere. I don't think we ever discussed exactly everything that would be involved in the construction of these cabinets, the hundreds of extra hours devoted to creating a cabinet tough enough to meet whatever a garage environment would dish out. He simply said he wanted the best...


DESIGN: Sean Jenan
Doors High Pressure Laminate by Formica
Interiors High pressure laminate over marine grade substrate, adhered with urea-resin heat-cured adhesive
Countertop Stainless steel by Best Sheet Metal
Sinks Franke

Garage Sink