Although I was talking about a gentle curve along the front of the cabinet when we met on Tuesday, as I further developed the project, I decided upon a straight front instead, emphasizing overhangs and asian-inspired form. Review the following two renderings and let me know which direction you prefer. Some of the details in common to both are the bottom deck which holds the components and the L/R speakers, the individual speaker stands for the side speakers. The main differences between the units, as you can see, are the two-level top with the extreme overhang, and the ziggurat-style drawers.

I purposefully did not bring the top of the unit any higher than depicted. With the unit taller, I lost the dramatic difference in the speaker height vs. the center section, and the television felt crowded. I also believe that the lower top will allow for an object-d'art or two below the tv set, giving the area a little more style!

Black lacquer component cabinet

Rendering of Black Lacquer Component Cabinet

I'm looking forward to hearing from you Monday. After we talk, I'll prepare the line drawings for you approval.