I hope the idea here is clear enough--the CAD file has a few glitches that don't seem to want to go away.

As you can see, this is rendered in Honduras Mahogany veneer.

The two outboard columns hold round front drawers, while the sink sections are freeform ellipsoids with splayed tops. Below the first drawer and false front section, an oversized sheet of glass appears to slice the cabinets in two. A second lower glass shelf hovers between the sink cabinets. The top is overlayed with the Ultraglass, hovering 5 inches above the cabinet tops. No supports for the Ultraglass are depicted in the rendering (nor are sinks and faucets), but obviously we'll need something--I'm thinking an alternate color wood, chrome, or maybe even brass or gold. I'd love your input!

Honduras mahogany vanities

NOTE: Renderings are artistic impressions, and as such, some details, notably exact proportions, curves, moldings and door gaps will differ on the finished piece.

Design and Rendering ©2000 Jenan and Son, Cabinetmakers.