Below please find my current concept for your wall unit. Several of the elements are one-of-a-kind, so you'll have to extrapolate a bit from what the rendering shows, especially in terms of the finish. The rendering uses a medium cherry with a hand glazed overcoat, but since I will be developing a custom color for your project, I had to fake the finish on the computer. Unfortunately, it loses a bit of the effect.

I tried to keep an overall simple look, but introduced what I think are just enough details to give the piece a contemporary, not ultra-modern, look. The mantle features two convex arcs separated by a fine bead. The inset shows a little of the detailing that may be washed out of the overall picture, especially in the doors, which have a subtle grid pattern with raised beads, and the columns, which are comprised of a single large flute.

Cherry Wall System

Overall View

Detail of Cherry Wall System

Base, Doors, Posts

Closeup of Mantle

Closeup showing mantle, post, and RH doors