Another Penelope had to wait 10 years for the return of Odysseus, so I feel somewhat cocky in getting this posted within three months. Of course, I didn't have the Scylla or Charibdis to contend with (although, figuratively...)

The basic design focuses on angles, to echo the hearth which is accurately outlined in the rendering. However, to soften the look somewhat, the top features gentle curves (not well represented in the picture) contrasting with a dramatic undercut.

I rendered this with several woods before favoring the Ceylon Satinwood pictured below. Favorite wood of the Empire period. The striping is teak. And whether that accent should be an inlayed veneer or a raised bead is a point of some contention between me and Ric. I'll let you know how the battle is resolved. (And should you want to chime in--why, I think we could accomodate that!)

My idea for the base is a hammered bronze faux, with a dark oiled patina.

The nitty-gritty of the piece, as with your other unit, is of course the size of the set. I used my rendering program as a right-brain tool for this piece, eshewing hard dimensions, so I'm certain that the proportions will differ slightly in the finished piece. But if the concept strikes your fancy, I can develop it further in full-scale.


Popup TV Cabinet