David & Sondra,

Here is a peek at the Nouveau piece. Some of the subtleties are lost in the rendering, and there are a few elements that definitely need some work (esp. the header over the center section), but this is the general direction I'm headed. Also, I'm considering curving the entire center section, although I'm waffling between concave and convex. Either way, the computer hasn't been cooperative in either endeavor. I'll talk to you when you return on Monday.

Rendering of Entertainment Center Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Entertainment Center

This design, however, emphasizes the verticality of the wall surface, especially with the very tall slender doors which cover the "entertainment center" portion of the unit. In this, its closed position, we basically have display or bookcase areas (I included both to illustrate the possibilities). It's a little hard to see from the rendering, but the open display areas contain a 'floating' panel which sits 5 inches away from the final back surface of the cabinets, from around which indirect lighting glows.

Maple Wall Unit

The second rendering shows the unit in operating position. By remote control, the display lights dim, the four doors slide to the sides, and the electronics come to life. Shown is a ±54 in plasma screen. Six drawers below the set contain DVDs, CDs, etc. To the right and left of the center channel speaker (above the TV), sit the components, behind hidden track sliding doors. The mirrored display area above could be treated in quite a few different ways.

You'll note that I made no attempt to round the corner -- I'm still hesitant to head in that direction. Of course, we can't sacrifice the utility of the piece for the sake of design-- I'll let you lead in letting me know how much storage we actually need in the final piece.

Veneered cabinet with doors open

Depicted is curly maple veneer with a low-sheen finish.

I'll post the Nouveau piece as soon as possible -- but an organic curve that the hand can capture so easily on paper often turns into a nightmare to achieve on the computer. Bear with me!

Let me know if you have any comments or ideas. I'd love to hear your feedback.